Obituary of Pavel Pech

original text, October 2006

Pavel Pech, English teacher, free-lance publicist, translator and author of the bestseller Regarding the Client’s Desire died on August 20, 2063 at the age of 78.

Born July 15, 1985 in Pilsen to an economist and a math teacher, he became very skillful in mathematics and resembling subjects. It took his failure at the Faculty of Applied Science for him to realize writing and English are his true interests. He graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy of Charles University and immediately began teaching English at the Luděk Pik Grammar School in Pilsen, which he himself had studied at.

He wrote feuilletons and short essays for several magazines and newspapers. Because of his unreserved criticism and honest statements, he made many enemies among the officialdom but he was also able to significantly influence the opinions of the nation. This increased the focus on his literary work.

Pavel Pech translated more than a hundred stories about child abuse, parenting and adoption often dealing with the issue of same-sex parenting. His translation of magnificent Canadian story Watching Brad (published in 2021 in the book named The Household of the De Villiers), which told of Thaddeus De Villier and his lover, his daughter and adopted twin sons, help remove many objections about same-sex parenting. In summer 2019, his book about a child abused by his parents, running away and being taken in by a couple of young men, became an over-night bestseller and brought back to the table the discussion about same sex parents adoption once again. In October 2019, it resulted in the legalization of such adoption. A month later, Pavel Pech and his husband Ondřej became the parents of six-year-old Zdeněk and five years later they adopted 10-year-old Mirka.

After 43 years of happy family life, Pavel Pech died in August 20, 2063 of a hearth attack. Many people expressed their grief and he was immortalized, as was his family, in the Wax Museum of Prague.